Design & Development

A lots of things going on around our head when we think about design and development concept of a web site.

Now, what is design part for a website? and what is development part for a website? Though, it’s easy guess by relating with any kind of design things.

Yes, Design is the thing that we see with eyes, for example is a website. Whatever you see there, it’s all design. With design we determined that, how the website looks or how the content of a website looks.

Now, what about Web Development? Before talking about web development, we should know two things.

There are two main types of website.

  • Dynamic Website
  • Static Website

Static Website is a website which have no changes with site content or we can say that the website content is fixed. Or we can say that for changing the content of the website we have to make changes in code cause we use static content in code to show it in view.

Dynamic Website is a website which is written in a server-side programming language. And, the logic works behind the scene for user interactivity is also written in a programming language. There is no static content in code, so that we don’t have to take look into code, in dynamic website there is a panel for content management. So, that we can easily manage our content through it. And also the content lives in Database.

Now, this is what Web Development is. All code which we write for the sake of business logic or works with user interactivity.