Why in English?

Okay, First of all you have to admit that you should know english if you want to work with peoples of other regions. At least if you want to work as a Freelancer in online marketplaces.

With that in mind, I am or We are trying to write something in english. Just because we are preparing ourselves for the world of the future.

Oh, hello there ? What are you thinking now? Is there any mistake you found in this or others blog? Yeah, you should. Ofcourse, we always make mistakes in english cause English is not native for us. So, its good to make mistakes in english. And try to write and speak english. Practice means, helping yourself to get it right.

Now, let’s talk about Bangla! Yes, we will write in bangla, and always Bangla will be our first choice. But still you know sometimes curious mind wants to write in english when it’s going to be some tutorial type of things but if we make tutorials video, we always make it with bangla language.

অর্থাৎ, আমরা অবশ্যই বাংলায় লিখবো, দেখবো🤪, শিখবো!

সাথে থাকুন!