Journey of CoderExpert

Journey of CoderExpert

In the middle of 2014, one of my younger brother like friend, whose name is Raihan. He gives me a list of some names, to select a name for him to make his portfolio website.

I told him to take CoderExpert, but also told him that it is just my choice. You can change this if you want, in the next day I saw a coming soon type of landing page on that site. It was fun to make websites in that time.

After 3 years later Raihan just quit this department and choose another for his job field. It was very much sad time for me and also I was happy for Raihan that i thought he can lead his life in a good manner.

In that sad moment, Raihan said:

“Guru take this domain, and start your work with it if you want, but don’t sale this name to anyone else.”.

– Raihan

From that moment I renewed this domain every year.

After that I thought what if I make a platform for helping, writing tutorials blog type of things and making some profit from this.

Now, here I am saying again that CoderExpert is coming, we are coming to expose some new things, thats all.

We can’t be perfect for everyone, but still we are trying to be perfect for ourselves first.